Services – Couples

CouplesMost couples experience challenges in their relationship at some point. Even healthy relationships can experience difficulties around parenting, financial stresses, communication problems, intimacy and infidelity, and traumatic life events such as loss of a parent or job. Couples counselling can also be useful for enhancing already solid relationships.

Signs that you should consider couples counselling include:

  • unresolved or repetitive conflict
  • feelings of growing apart
  • violence or substance abuse
  • interruption of daily activities due to relationship distress
  • impending separation or divorce

Seeking couples counselling may be a first step in getting your relationship back on track. Couples can learn new, more positive ways of communicating and resolving conflicts. Some of the benefits of couples counselling include:

  • developing effective conflict resolution skills
  • improving communication and listening skills
  • increasing or restoring intimacy


Give your relationship the support it deserves.