Individual counselling can help you learn new strategies and uncover your own strengths and resources to find solutions.

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Most couples experience challenges in their relationship at some point. Even healthy relationships can experience difficulties around parenting, traumatic life events such as loss of a parent or job, financial stresses, communication problems, intimacy and infidelity. Couples counselling can also be useful for enhancing already solid relationships.  
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Kids don’t come with instruction manuals! Parenting can challenge and reward us in many ways. Parenting coaching can provide parents with strategies for improving their relationship with their child while improving his/her behaviour.

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Family counselling can help family members better understand each other and improve communication so that family time is more enjoyable. Life is too busy to spend endless hours in conflict feeling distant from each other. Family counselling can address family conflict, communication patterns, discipline issues, and more.
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Collaborative Family Practice

Collaborative family practice is a team approach to help couples going through separation/divorce. With the assistance of lawyers, family, and financial professionals, Collaborative Practice offers you a way to create a legally-binding separation agreement without going to court.

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